The Plan

Where will it run?

The Confederation Line runs from Tunney’s Pasture Station in the west to Blair Road in the east. All in all, thirteen stations dot the 12.5-kilometre route, with 10 kilometres running above ground and 2.5 kilometres underground. Three stations will be located underground in the new downtown tunnel.

Above ground, much of the route runs within the existing Transitway, with the terminus stations integrating into the Bus Rapid Transit system at Blair Station, Hurdman Station and Tunney’s Pasture Station. At Bayview Station, the Confederation Line links up with the north-south running O-Train.

Highlights of the route


Downtown Tunnel
A 2.5-km downtown tunnel will ease congestion in the core.


Bus Loops
Integrated bus loops at hub and terminus stations will allow riders on Bus Rapid Transit to quickly make connections.


Connecting Campuses
Connection with the O-Train will allow students from Carleton and the University of Ottawa to easily attend classes at either campus.


Community Development
Stations such as Lees, Hurdman and Bayview will act as hubs for further community development.


Walking and Cycling
Stations integrated with pedestrian and cycling pathways will promote healthy, sustainable commuting.

Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge
A new pedestrian bridge across the 417 at Tremblay Station will provide enhanced access by bike or walking to commercial and residential areas north of Highway 417.

Where are the stations?


Take a tour of the Confederation Line

For an overview of the who, what, where, when, why and how of Confederation Line, watch this brief video from the Rideau Transit Group.

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