The Plan

When will it happen?

In November of 2008, Ottawa City Council approved a Transportation Master Plan laying the foundation for Ottawa’s light rail transit (LRT) project. Over the next four years, all of the other pieces were put in place, culminating with the awarding of the contract for the Confederation Line in February 2013.

Preliminary construction began in Spring 2013 and over the next five years we will watch the Confederation Line take shape. On this website you will be able to follow the progress of every station and every major construction component.

Highlights of the schedule


417 Widening

In preparation for construction of Confederation Line, the first major project – widening of Highway 417 – allows for Bus Rapid Transit to continue along the widened lanes of the highway while construction takes place to convert the Transitway into light rail.


Belfast Yard

Summer 2013 – Summer 2016

This facility, which is nearing completion, will be the location for assembly and ongoing maintenance of Ottawa’s light rail vehicles. The facility is one of the first projects to be completed.


Downtown Tunnel

Fall 2013 – Summer 2017

The key to creating a grade-separated transit route through the downtown core, the downtown tunnel will be a major construction feat and be the longest of all individual projects.


Assembly of the Vehicle

Fall 2015 – Winter 2017
Our world-class light rail vehicle, designed by Alstom, is currently being assembled right here in Ottawa at the Belfast Yard over a two-year period.


150th Celebration of Confederation

Summer 2017

Major parts of the Confederation Line will be complete in time for the major celebrations planned for Canada’s 150th birthday.


Launch of Full Service

After an extended period of testing, the Confederation Line will begin full revenue service.

Schedule of Project Background

green-check November 2008 Council Approves Transportation Master Plan
green-check May 2009 Council Approves Alignment Report
green-check August 2010 Province Approves Environmental Assessment
green-check November 2010 Preliminary Engineering Commences
green-check December 2011 Request for Proposals to Design & Build
green-check December 2012 Proposal Selection
green-check February 2013 Contract Awarded
green-check February 2013 Construction Commences
2019 Full Revenue Service

Take a tour of the Confederation Line

For an overview of the who, what, where, when, why and how of Confederation Line, watch this brief video from the Rideau Transit Group.

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