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What is the Confederation Line?

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Belfast Yard Maintenance, Storage and Administration facility is a key feature of the O-Train Confederation Line Light Rail Transit project.

It is located on a 16-hectare site on Belfast Road. The Alstom-CITADIS Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) will access the MSF from the main Confederation Line track via a connector tunnel. The connection track will run parallel to Belfast Road, south from Tremblay Road, and will cross under the existing VIA railway line.

The Belfast Yard site is where 34 LRV vehicles will be assembled, cleaned, inspected, maintained, washed, stored and operated from.

The MSF is divided into key areas such as the Vehicle Storage Shed, where the vehicles will be inspected and stored, as well as the MSF Administration Building, which will house the headquarters for the maintenance of the Confederation Line.



Some of the first work related to the Confederation Line project took place at the Belfast Yard site. In spring 2013, a variety of preliminary activities began, including the demolition of the existing structures. Demolition was completed in fall 2013, construction began in spring 2014 and site grading and utility work was completed in spring of 2015.

Construction of the connector tunnel began in 2014 and was completed in 2016.

Substantial completion of Belfast Yard, including construction of site roads, curbs and sidewalks, landscaping, fencing and track work, was substantially completed in summer of 2016. A few minor works will be left to be finished after the LRV assembly wraps up in 2017.


Belfast Yard and the Community

The Belfast Yard site has been designed to integrate with the various surrounding land uses – residential, commercial, light industrial and retail. Rideau Transit Group (RTG) and the City of Ottawa recognize the importance of being a good neighbour by minimizing the impact of construction on adjacent businesses, residences and the natural environment.

The Belfast Yard design recognizes sensitivity to the impact of operations on neighbours. Noise and vibration has been mitigated with specific engineered solutions, such as the noise berm (or earth wall) that was built on the northern edge of the site. Final landscaping, which will be ongoing, will improve the appearance of the site, as well as provide a visual barrier. Storm water will also be managed on site with the use of a retention pond. The objective of the design is to seamlessly integrate Belfast Yard with the local community.

Belfast Yard will be a world-class Centre of Excellence for vehicle assembly, maintenance and operations. Approximately 100 jobs have been created at the facility in maintenance, manufacturing, assembly, testing and vehicle quality control. The Confederation Line will consist of highly advanced technology and systems which will require skilled tradespersons and technicians for maintenance. These employees will be highly trained and qualified to maintain these systems and it is anticipated that the majority of these employees will be hired locally.



Sustainability and LEED Certification

This facility is a world-class Centre of Excellence for vehicle assembly, maintenance and operations. RTG is committed to its sustainability goals: 90% of materials generated from the demolition of the buildings located on the Belfast Yard site have been recycled and used in the construction of the state-of-the-art facility. The design of the administration building will fully satisfy LEED Canada-NC Certified requirements.

Other energy-saving efforts and technologies are also being used, such as high-efficiency boiler and lighting systems.