OC Transpo Announces Confederation Line Station Names

Following a summer of public consultation and Transit Commission’s approval on August 21, OC Transpo has announced the station names for Confederation Line.

There are 13 stations along the Confederation Line. Three are new stations and ten are renovations of existing Transitway Stations.  A working group consisting of OC Transpo Staff and Transit Commission members made recommendations and sought public feedback. As a result, two of the existing stations have a new name,  names for the three new stations, and no change to the names of eight of the existing stations. LeBreton Station was renamed after consultation with the Algonquins of Ontario to recognize the traditional land of the Algonquin people.

  • Tunney’s Pasture -  remains Tunney’s Pasture Station
  • Bayview - remains Bayview Station
  • LeBreton Flats  - now Pimisi Station
  • Downtown West - now Lyon Station *new station
  • Downtown East - now Parliament *new station
  • Rideau - now Rideau Station *new underground station
  • Campus - now uOttawa Station
  • Lees - remains Lees Station
  • Hurdman - remains Hurdman Station
  • Train - Tremblay Station
  • St. Laurent - remains St. Laurent
  • Cyrville - remains Cyrville Station
  • Blair - remains Blair Station

Station names have been recommended using OC Transpo’s naming procedure which outlines how names are most often used by users:

  1. to identify where the station is located as they plan how to reach the transit system,
  2. to identify where they are as the bus or train pulls into the station, and
  3. to identify where the bus or train they are boarding is headed.

The recommended names aim to accomplish these needs by using easily understood geographic locations. Names also need to work in both official languages and be easily understood on the next-stop announcement system.

Did you know? In Ottawa, there are currently 51 rapid transit stations, and 50 of them have geographic names. Across Canada, in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, 97% of rapid transit stations have geographic names.

For more information on station names visit OC Transpo: http://www.octranspo1.com/routes/o_train_new_stations