Did you know?

TPSS 9 in place at Belfast Yard -Sous-station de traction 9 en place au Triage Belfast

Did you know that the Confederation Line light rail vehicles will be fully electric?

The light rail vehicles will be fully electric and be powered by an Overhead Catenary System (OCS). The OCS is comprised of physical supporting structures, such as poles and wires. The OCS system distributes DC power from a Traction Power Sub Station (TPSS) to the vehicle through a pantograph – a device mounted on the roof of a vehicle that collects power through contact with the overhead wires. A total of nine TPSSs, located along the alignment and at Belfast Yard, will convert electricity from the local power supply. The LRT will operate on 1500 volts of DC power.

Most of the substations will be above ground, with one underground substation servicing the three downtown underground stations. TPSS structures are approximately four metres high by five metres wide by 15 metres long.

TPSS 9 at Belfast Yard - Sous-station de traction au triage Belfast

The first TPPS was delivered on February 1, 2016 at Belfast Yard. TPSS 9 was lifted by a giant 1,500-tonne crane and placed in its location close to the Belfast Yard shed.

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