Construction Update


Substantial Completion and Remaining Items

RTG has submitted notice of substantial completion. The City of Ottawa and an Independent Certifier are reviewing the notice and supporting documentation and will provide an opinion. RTG has submitted a revised Revenue Service Availability (RSA) date of August 16, 2019.


Upcoming Activities

Once substantial completion of the project has been achieved, RTG will begin trial running. Trial running is 12 consecutive days of trains operating on a regular service schedule. This trial validates the operating schedules and train performance, confirms the operating reliability of the system and subsystems and demonstrates the reliability of the vehicles.

At the end of the trial running period, the Independent Certifier will confirm the system has passed the requirements for trial running. Safety Auditor sign-off is then required. The system will then be turned over to the City of Ottawa to begin preparations for opening the O-Train Confederation Line, Line 1, to the public.