Construction Update

Construction on the Confederation Line nears completion and RTG is actively working towards finishing remaining works and the testing and commissioning program.

A reminder to the public: please do not attempt to access any stations. While stations may look complete, they are still considered active construction sites and are not yet open to the public.

Train Testing near Hurdman Station

Construction Update – Alignment

Occupancy permits have been issued for all stations. Final clean-up at all stations is underway.

Last week, the art installation at Tremblay Station was completed.

The Belfast Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility Expansion Project has received a Substantial Completion Certificate from the Independent Certifier.

Train Testing at Bayview Station (1)

Testing Program

The testing program team continues to address the following final items:

  • Full train vehicle availability and reliability
  • Finalizing the train control system
  • Finalizing the operating system for trains
  • Final testing of the control systems for transit operations
  • Final testing of the power system for the alignment and trains
  • Maintenance readiness

Upcoming Activities

Once substantial completion has been achieved, the following activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Trial running
  • Safety Auditor sign-off