Construction Update

As construction nears completion, the focus shifts to the remaining testing and commissioning activities.

Parliament Station Parlement

Activities Across the Alignment Construction Update

Tunney’s Pasture, Bayview, Pimisi, St-Laurent, uOttawa, Lees, Hurdman, Tremblay, Cyrville, and Blair Stations have all received occupancy permits. Final paperwork for occupancy permits at Parliament and Lyon Stations is underway. Rideau Station is undergoing final touch-ups such painting, signage installation, and electrical work. Final elevator commissioning is also underway.

Train Testing

Testing and commissioning activities continue to progress:

  • Testing of the CBTC (train control system) continues and 32 out of 34 vehicles have been safety certified for the onboard control system.
  • The last two vehicles are forecast to complete the DPICO shortly (a test done to confirm that all equipment on the train has been installed in accordance with the specification and design).
  • All 34 trains have operated on the guideway as part of the testing process.
  • There is ongoing testing of coupled trains on the alignment. End-to-end performance testing is underway.
  • Commissioning of the communications systems at the Transit Operation Control Centre (TOCC) is ongoing.
  • Power system testing, requiring multiple vehicles travelling the length of the system, is ongoing.
  • OC Transpo’s Electric Rail Operator training is progressing.
  • Weekend operations are becoming a regular occurrence.

Upcoming Activities

In the coming weeks, the following activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Ongoing vehicle testing and practice running
  • Safety Auditor sign-off
  • Installation of public art at Tremblay Station