Construction Update

Finishing works at all O-Train Confederation Line stations continue with testing and commissioning of trains and systems ongoing.

West Stations

Stations along the western alignment, including Tunney’s Pasture, Bayview and Pimisi undergo final touch-ups including installation of roof coverings, railings, drainage, caulking and painting within the station.

Central Stations

Lyon Station
Final touch-ups such as tiling and lighting installations are ongoing.

Parliament Station
Public art concourse ceiling installation, final paint touch-ups and cladding of drywall shafts on the East TVS.

Rideau Station
Final installations and touch-up of signage, doors, lighting and ceiling panels continue.   Caulking and painting within the station is ongoing, while crews install flashing (weatherproofing).

uOttawa Station
Final touch-ups such as installation of lighting in the existing tunnel and at the entrance are underway.

East Stations

Stations along the eastern alignment, including Lees, Hurdman, Tremblay, St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Station, are continuing to undergo final touch-ups including caulking, drainage, and installation of emergency lighting.

Guideway and Testing

Testing and commissioning is ongoing; the recent weather has been an opportunity to test trains and monitor the track/OCS in harsh winter conditions. Station systems testing is ongoing at all 13 stations. Testing of safety systems and other communications systems is ongoing while training of O-Train operators continues.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Installation of public art at Tremblay Station
  • Interior touch-ups at the stations
  • Testing and commissioning of systems
  • Ongoing vehicle testing
  • Elevator and escalator certifications