Construction Update

This week on the Confederation Line, LRV testing advances in the east with trains being tested at increased speeds and frequencies. Architectural works progress at the downtown stations with ongoing tiling, painting, and light fixture installations. Station signage installation and landscaping occur throughout the entire alignment.

Installation of wood ceilings at Bayview Station2018-07-27

West Stations

Tunney’s Pasture Station 
The staircase glazing and handrail installation progress. Preparatory works to install the elevator shroud light fixtures occur; wood ceilings will be installed soon.

Bayview Station 
The east side glazing is now complete and crews continue to work on the north and south sides of the station. Work on the elevators and wood ceilings are ongoing and electrical devices are installed. Fare gates and signage will be installed shortly.

Pimisi Station
Landscaping works advance on the north and south sides of the lower concourse entrance and multi-use pathway (MUP) areas. In the station, glazing is installed, utility cabinets are assembled and the wood ceilings are finalized.

Ceiling panels are installed at Parliament Station platform 2018-07-27

Central Stations

Lyon Station 
The installation of utility cabinets concludes this week and ceiling panels continue to be installed at all three station levels. The fire, communication, and security systems are installed and tested as well. Work on the elevators progresses.

Parliament Station 
At the platform, the installation of the ceiling grid advances, tiling occurs and utility cabinet equipment is installed. At the concourse level, painting, HVAC rough-ins, and the remaining elevator glass is installed. Wayfinding signage is put up throughout the entire station.
Hydrovacing will occur intermittently during day time hours over the summer months to clean surface areas and underground lines in the tunnel.

Parliament Station west entrance
The roofing system is installed this week and the fabrication of the fascia cladding occurs. Ceiling panels are installed and tiling takes place at the stairways.

Parliament Station east entrance
Architectural works are ongoing and include the installation of ceiling panels and light fixtures, as well as wall tiling.

Ongoing construction at Rideau Station 2018-08-01

Rideau Station 
This week, preparatory work for fare gate installations and ceiling work continues. Bike railings, platform topping slabs, and elevators are also being installed. Escalator commissioning progresses.
Hydrovacing from Rideau Street will continue intermittently during day time hours over the summer months to clean surface areas and underground lines in the tunnel.

Rideau Station west entrance
Floor and stair tiling takes place as does construction for the enclosure around the stairs and escalator.

Rideau Station east entrance 
Floor tiling continues at the stair landings and concourse. Elevator installation and escalator commissioning continues this week as well. The installation of elevator control units is ongoing through the end of the month.

uOttawa Station
Architectural wood ceiling installations, including integrated lighting, is ongoing while additional lighting is installed throughout other station areas. All of the station’s doors and frames have been put in. The plaza stair railings are installed and so are concrete benches.

Utility cabinet installation at Tremblay Station 2018-07-25

East Stations

Lees Station
Glazing panels and associated caulking occurs at the stairways and the canted wall. Outside the station, landscaping advances and interlock paver installations continue

Hurdman Station
Final concrete works are ongoing and benches are installed around the station. The elevator shroud is completed this week and landscaping continues. Additionally, the tactile wayfinding indicator strips are installed.

Tremblay Station
The station elevators and utility cabinets are being finalized. The transit information panels are going up. The fare gates and the entrance lanterns are installed.

Crews continue to work on the elevators at Blair Station 2018-07-26

St-Laurent Station
Final work on the elevator continues this week. The utility cabinets, signage, and tactile wayfinding indicator strips are being completed.

Cyrville Station
Final concrete works and painting take place. In addition, electrical work and elevator commissioning will be completed in the coming weeks.

Blair Station
The utility cabinets and end-of-platform doors are being completed. Final modifications to the elevators are being completed.

LRV testing at Lees Station 2018-07-31

Guideway and Testing

Testing is ongoing in the western and eastern segments. Over in the east, the frequency and speed of LRV testing has increased and trains are now moving in automatic train operation (ATO) mode between Blair and uOttawa Stations. Trains are also now crossing between the eastbound and westbound tracks. ​Assembly of LRV34 progresses.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Select Rideau work-zones to be removed or reduced in phases throughout the summer.
  • Digital signband, light-band, fare gates and entrance lanterns installation in the western stations.
  • Opening of stairs at the S-MUP (multi-use pathway) at uOttawa Station.
  • Integrated entrance completion at Lyon, Parliament, and Rideau Stations.