Construction Update

There has been substantial visible progress on the Confederation Line. The O-Train track extension advances, station public art is being installed, and landscaping occurs throughout the alignment. The East Portal backfilling is now complete, the Rideau Station west entrance escalator is substantially complete and fare-gates are being installed at St. Laurent Station.

Ongoing construction of the east side station entrance at Bayview Station 2018-05-29

West Stations

Tunney’s Pasture Station 
Topping slabs for the concourse and the east-bound and west-bound platforms continue. In the bus loop, the new bus operator building, bus supervisor office, and maintenance building are under construction. Work on the roadway in the bus loop is also scheduled to take place.

Bayview Station 
The current activities at Bayview Station include work on the east-platform topping slabs, de-icing cables for the roof and gutter; and the O-Train track extension. Crews will also be continuing landscaping work and constructing the east side entrance.

Pimisi Station
​Platform weatherproofing and waterproofing continues. Installation of composite panels in the lower concourse is expected to conclude in the coming weeks. Landscaping activities continue this month. Construction of the Booth Street Bridge bike lanes is also expected to commence shortly.

Escalator installations between the platform and concourse levels progress at Rideau Station 2018-06-05

Central Stations

Lyon Station 
The installation of communications devices concludes this week. Other works throughout the station include tiling and intumescent painting. The installation of light fixtures, fire alarm system, concourse ceiling panels, and fare-gate barriers progress as well.

Parliament Station 
Elevators progress with curb and glazing installations. Masonry walls are under way, hardware is installed and mechanical and electrical rough-ins continue at the platform level. Tiling and conduit installations advance as well.

Parliament Station west entrance
Tiling takes place at the concourse level and grade level entrance. Additionally, masonry walls are installed and so is the wood panel ceiling. At the west tunnel ventilation system (TVS), rebar and formwork continues to be installed for the third concrete pour.

Parliament Station east entrance
The roofing system is installed, remaining mechanical and electrical works for the stairway take place, and glazing is installed for the lower portion of the east façade.
At the east TVS, hydrovacing will occur intermittently during day time hours over the summer months to clean surface areas and underground lines in the tunnel.

Ongoing construction at uOttawa Station 2018-06-05

Rideau Station
Conduits, elevator motors, and escalators are being installed at Rideau Station. At the platform level, mechanical and electrical installations proceed, lighting and ceiling insulation are installed and painting occurs.
Hydrovacing will occur intermittently during day time hours over the summer months to clean surface areas and underground lines in the tunnel.   

Rideau Station west entrance
The installation of the longest transit escalator in Canada is now substantially complete. Elsewhere, concrete works, tile installation and ongoing mechanical and electrical works progress.

Rideau Station east entrance 
The stair landings advance with tiling, escalator commissioning, and ceiling installation. Mechanical and electrical installation continues as does wall and intumescent painting. There is also work to finish the escalator control room.

East Portal 
Backfilling of the cut and cover portion of the tunnel has concluded. Contact grouting occurs in the Rideau Station transition.

uOttawa Station
Current work focuses on the fare-gates, the utility cabinets, the entrance lantern, and the glass panels along the Nicholas Street side of the station. Crews will also be completing the gutter and plumbing system for the north and south roofs.

East Stations

Lees Station
Work continues on the east-bound topping platform and mechanical and electrical finishes in the ceiling. The fare-gates are in progress. The canopy roof glazing installation is scheduled. Other scheduled installations include the public art.

Hurdman Station
The work to install CMP is scheduled to conclude shortly. Handrail posts and windscreen glazing will also be going in. There is also work anticipated for the north platform and south platform topping slabs.

Tremblay Station
Fare-gate installation continues this month and utility cabinets will be going in. Handrail installation and work to install furnishings such as benches and floor grilles are also scheduled.

Signage installation is underway at Blair Station 2018-06-01

St-Laurent Station
Crews are installing finishes to the flooring such as warning tiles and floor grilles. Utility cabinets will be installed. The fare-gates and entrance lanterns are being finalized. Other anticipated installations are the public art work.

Cyrville Station
Wood ceilings will be installed in the coming weeks. Crews will also work on the remaining signage, as well as the windscreens at the fare gates. Furnishings such as bike shelters and metal benches will also be going in.​

Blair Station
Utility cabinets and platform doors are being finished. Fare gate equipment and glazing installations have begun. Backlit entrance lantern installations will be underway soon. Public art installations are ongoing.

LRV testing near the MSF connector tunnel 2018-06-02

Guideway and Trackwork
Regular train-testing occurs between Blair and uOttawa Stations and OLRTC is looking ahead to the extension of regular train-testing through to Segment 1, encompassing the three Western stations, in the near future. Segment 1 and the Tunnel will eventually be brought on to OCS power on a full time basis. Assembly of LRV34 continues.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Wood ceilings continue to go up in the eastern stations.
  • Digital signband, light-band, fare-gates and entrance lanterns are being installed.
  • Completion of stairs at the S-MUP at uOttawa Station.
  • Addition of bike lanes on the Booth Street Bridge.
  • Windscreen glass installation at Tunney’s Pasture Station.
  • Installation of stray current monitors at locations along the guideway.
  • Skylight glazing installation at Tunney’s Pasture Station.
  • Rideau Station west TVS grate installation.
  • Parliament Station west TVS grate installation