Construction Update

A busy week ahead at both the underground and above-ground portions of the alignments. At Parliament Station, for example, final patching for the north platform is ongoing with the south platform beginning next week. At the East Portal, work on the starter walls for the cut and cover tunnel section continues. At Tunney’s Pasture a concourse level pour is planned for later this month while over at Bayview Station, the landscaping phase of construction is set to begin soon.

Platform level at Pimisi Station with newly installed track 2017-08-09

West Stations

Tunney’s Pasture Station 
Crews are completing the grade beam for the retaining wall. They are also preparing the concourse pour for later this month. Progress continues on the rebar and mechanical and electrical work. The Holland bridge extension is anticipated to be poured shortly.

Bayview Station 
Landscaping work is set to begin soon. Crews are at work on the frame ceiling in the upper ancillary building. At the concourse level, work continues on the masonry walls, intumescent painting of columns and the above ground mechanical and electrical components. On the platform, crews are at work on the roof decking and the parapet blocks.

Pimisi Station 
Touch-ups are being done on the lower concourse, including mechanical rough-ins, pulling wire, electrical equipment installation and fire protection rough-ins. The curbs at the west upper concourse are almost complete. The forms and curbs at the east upper concourse are nearing completion.

Ongoing arch work at Rideau Station

Central Stations

Lyon Station cavern
Main work inside the station is on hold until Kontinuum concludes in the fall. Meanwhile behind the scenes, installation of plumbing fixtures and electrical equipment continues this week.

Lyon Station west entrance
Main work inside the station is on hold until Kontinuum concludes in the fall. Temporary landscaping around the building including street paving and site clean-up occurs in the meantime. Concrete patching finishes this week and the west TVS progresses with formwork and wall pours.

Lyon Station east entrance
Main work inside the station is on hold until Kontinuum concludes in the fall. The east TVS progresses with formwork and wall pours.

Parliament Station cavern 
Final patching for the north platform is ongoing with the south platform beginning next week. Concrete works for the station’s stairways are happening, alongside patching, and so is stripping and removing formwork from the platform wall.

Parliament Station west entrance
Waterproofing occurs for the north wall and roof slab with falsework stripping for the north wall happening at the end of the week. Escalator delivery takes place this week.

Parliament Station east entrance 
Concrete work ramps up at the east entrance with forming and pouring for the east and west walls, falsework for the suspended slab and rebar installation at the adit.

Trackwork progressing through uOttawa Station

Rideau Station cavern
The remaining concrete for the south side structural walls has been poured. Ongoing activities include arch rebar and concrete pours in a westward direction and formwork installation for the north and south side decks.

Rideau Station west entrance
Crews continue to prepare for the arrival and assembly of formwork for the tunnel arch this week. Rebar installation occurs as well for the arch and headwall.

Rideau Station east entrance
The TVS adit continues to take shape, rock removal has finished and crews start working on the breakthrough alongside rebar for the adit slab and waterproofing. Work on the mechanical and electrical rooms progresses and installation of structural steel for the head house begins.

East Portal
Crews continue to advance work on starter walls for the cut and cover tunnel section, work includes: rebar, forming, pouring and waterproofing. The suspended slab is formed and poured this week as well.

uOttawa Station
The jersey barrier installation is complete along Nicholas Street. The installation of ballast and track continues and the excavation for the curved plaza ramp has commenced.  At the concourse level, duct and plumbing rough-ins are being installed.

Porcelain panel installation at Hurdman Station

East Stations

Lees Station
In the ancillary building, the current focus is on electrical, plumbing and HVAC work and painting. Crews are also busy waterproofing the service trench. On the concourse, roof steel and deck installs are nearing completion.

Hurdman Station
The composite panels on stairways are being installed, as are the windscreen bases and posts at the platform level. Crews are busy installing the heat tracing on some of the stairways. Work on the entrance lantern mock-up continues.

Tremblay Station
Installation of the canopy glass is nearing completion. The skylight is expected to be installed soon. Windscreen posts, elevators and mechanical and electrical rough-ins continue.

Concrete pour for the platform topping at Cyrville Station

St-Laurent Station
Crews are doing preparatory work for topping slabs pour. Installation of the porcelain panels on the stairways and at the concourse level is ongoing. Crews are also completing site measurements for the glazing.

Cyrville Station
Installation of select light fixtures is continuing and fabrication of select porcelain panels is complete.  Activities include concrete pours for the platform topping and ongoing work to install the precast concrete and signband conduit.

Blair Station
Crews are reworking the duct banks on the mall tower and installing stairway railing posts. The balance of topping has been poured. Sand blasting at the platform and upper concourse levels is ongoing.

Guideway and Trackwork

East-bound tamping is underway between Bayview Overpass and Pimisi Station. In Segment 3 (uOttawa-Hurdman), the rail anchors and expansion joints continue to be assembled and all of the concrete is now in place. Tie and bottom ballast has been completed at uOttawa Station. In the downtown segment of the alignment, crews are continuing to install plinths in the u-trench and have started assembling diamond crossover at Parliament Station.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Hoe ramming as part of work on the western section of the guideway.
  • Ongoing overnight work at the Rideau Station west and east entrances, and at the East Portal.
  • Form carrier at the West Portal to be transferred to East Portal.
  • Next stage of work at uOttawa Station requiring overnight lane restrictions.
  • Final work on the pedestrian tunnel at uOttawa Station.
  • Removal of Rideau Street tower crane.
  • Hydro connection work to Hurdman Station requiring lane restriction on Riverside Drive.
  • Systems installation along the guideway, including Overhead Catenary System poles and wires.
  • Watermain work on guideway at St-Laurent Station requiring overnight short-term closure of the St. Laurent Blvd. northbound on-ramp