Mayor Watson welcomes Rideau Transit Group to Ottawa

Mayor Jim Watson

Mayor Jim Watson

Well this is a very exciting and historic day for the City of Ottawa.

This is the first start of construction for a historic Confederation Line Light Rail System that is going to help transform our City, our Nation’s Capital.

And thank you for being here today as we break ground on the storage and maintenance facility which is the first phase of the Light Rail Plan.

The collection of buildings that you see here behind us will be replaced by state-of-the-art maintenance and storage facilities where Ottawa’s future fleet of Alstom trains will be assembled, maintained and housed.

But these efforts will be worthwhile.

The final result will be a world-class public transit system that will serve our City’s residents for future generations.

Royal Galipeau, MP

Yet, the visual impression that we get from this construction site is not really encouraging.

But in five years, it will house a maintenance and storage facility for a light rail system that will improve daily life for thousands of Ottawa residents.

Hon. Madeleine Meilleur, MPP

The Confederation Line is a significant project that will change the public transit landscape in Ottawa and benefit everyone living in and visiting our great city.

The wide range of economic, environmental and social benefits of such a project will enhance the quality of life of our great city’s residents.

Antonio Estrada

For RTG, the Ottawa light rail project is not an end itself.

It is a means to improve the quality of life in Ottawa.

We recognize that through our work, we are building relationships with Ottawa residents that will last 55 years.

Mayor Jim Waton

We begin a milestone in the history of our country and of our City in particular.

So on behalf of all our colleagues of Ottawa’s City Council, Mr. Estrada, good luck with this project.

Good luck to you and your colleagues for a productive couple of years ahead and we present you on behalf of Royal Galipeau and Madeleine Meilleur the first spike that will eventually turn into the last spike.

Congratulations. Come on over here.

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