Notice: Scott Street Resurfacing – Smirle Avenue to Merton Street

Notice - Avis

Scott Street between Smirle Avenue and Merton Street will be resurfaced with asphalt pavement this year as part of the West Transitway Service Adjustment. Construction on this section of Scott Street will take place through the end of June 2016.

WHAT: The work involves the removal of existing asphalt, adjustment of maintenance holes, asphalt paving and line painting in order to improve the condition of the road for all users.

WHY:  To accommodate OC Transpo buses that are being detoured onto Scott Street from the Transitway to allow for the construction of the O-Train Confederation Line.

WHEN: Beginning mid-May 2016 to approximately end of June 2016.

WHERE:  On Scott Street between Smirle Avenue and Merton Street.



  • Lane reductions will be required. One eastbound and one westbound multi-use lane will be maintained.


  • Sidewalks and multi-use pathways will remain open during construction. Where some crossings of Scott Street may be disrupted, flagmen or police will be in place to direct traffic and pedestrians. Every attempt will be made to keep inconveniences to a minimum.

For further information about this project, please contact [email protected]