Construction Update

In the downtown area, crews install structural steel at the Parliament Station east entrance head house. Progress continues in the eastern section of the guideway, where crews prepare to install tracks between Hurdman and Tremblay stations.

West Stations

Tunney’s Pasture Station: Crews mobilize on site to begin demolition of the existing structures.

Bayview Station: Crews continue drilling caissons as part of station foundation work. Ground improvement activities are ongoing. During construction activities currently underway, and for the safety of all Bayview pathway users, short-term closures are required. Flaggers are onsite to assist users.

Pimisi Station: Caisson and duct bank installations are ongoing. Crews begin installing formwork and rebar in preparation for future station concrete work.

Central Stations

Lyon Station cavern: Crews install rebar and pour concrete for the station concourse. Station arch final lining pours are ongoing. At West Portal, excavation of the ramp continues.

Lyon Station west entrance: Crews waterproof, install rebar and formwork, and pour concrete for the station elevator and escalator.

Lyon Station east entrance: Work on the station elevator and walls continues; activities include formwork and rebar installation, and utility relocations.

Parliament Station cavern: Crews continue working on station L-walls; activities include formwork and concrete pours. Mechanical and electrical work occurs.

Parliament Station west entrance: Crews finalize the installation of the steel head house, work on the station roof and pour columns on the parking level. Excavation continues at street level. At the east vent shaft, crews install reinforcements.

Parliament Station east entrance: Work continues on the station walls with rebar installation and concrete pours. Structural steel installation for the station head house is ongoing.

Traffic restrictions on Queen and O’Connor streets remain in effect.

Rideau Station cavern: Arch waterproofing and rebar installation are ongoing. At the East Portal ramp, crews continue sheet piling and remove the utility corridor.

Rideau Station west entrance: Crews install rebar and mechanical works, and pour the concrete slab.

Rideau Station east entrance: Crews continue waterproofing and installing rebar for the station walls.

Traffic restrictions on Rideau Street remain in effect.
uOttawa Station: Crew construct walls, install rebar and pour concrete for the slab. Waterproofing and utility installations are ongoing.

East Stations

Lees Station: Crews excavate for utilities, install duct banks and continue caisson installation.

Hurdman Station: At the station, crews strip the grade beams and begin work on the concourse floor slab. At the bus operators’ building, crews continue masonry, electrical work and mobilize to install structural steel.


Tremblay Station: Structural steel installation, concrete pours, electrical installations and masonry work are ongoing.

St-Laurent Station: Crews continue grading, install masonry and construct the electrical room. Trackwork activities continue in the station with grouting.

Cyrville Station: The station continues to progress with structural steel and roof installations. Construction of the parapet walls is ongoing.

Blair Station: The station advances as crews construct the roof, continue formwork and install structural steel. Crews begin installing the station’s exterior wall panels.

Tunnel Excavation and Support

Excavation and reinforcements continue in the running tunnel west of Rideau Station.


Bayview CPR Bridge to West Portal: Crews continue grading to prepare the guideway for future trackwork.

Mann Avenue Bridge to west of Lees Station: Crews finalize sewer work and install Overhead Catenary System (OCS) foundations during daytime and overnight.

Rideau River Transitway Bridge to east of Hurdman Station: Crews finalize the construction of the embankment and continue grading work in anticipation of trackwork activities in the next weeks.

East of Hurdman Station to west of Tremblay Station: Crews mobilize to begin installing tracks on this portion of the guideway.

West of Tremblay Station to Blair Station: Near Tremblay Station, crews continue welding and tamping as part of trackwork. In preparation for vehicle testing this fall, final trackwork, including surveying and switch installations, are ongoing between St-Laurent and Blair stations.

Caisson installation at Bayview Station - Installation des caissons à la station Bayview

Other Activities

CPR Bridge near Bayview Station: Crews continue installing caissons and working on the bridge piers. During construction activities currently underway, and for the safety of all Bayview pathway users, short-term closures are required. Flaggers are onsite to assist users.

Booth Street Bridge: Crews complete final bridge works. In preparation for the reinstatement of Booth Street as early as September, work on the sidewalks and installation of lights poles occur.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Blasting at Parliament Station east entrance.
  • Mann Avenue Bridge replacement.
  • Deck work at Tremblay Station.
  • Watermain work near St-Laurent Station, along the guideway.
  • Traction Power Sub-System (TPSS) deliveries along the alignment.
  • Block wall construction at Blair Station.
  • Bus operators’ building construction and catch basin/landscaping work at Blair Station.