Construction Update

Preparing for concrete pours at Tunney’s Pasture Station - Préparation du coulage de béton à la station Tunney's Pasture

West Stations

Here we see Tunney’s Pasture Station, where the temporary bus loop construction continues in preparation for the June 24 Transitway service adjustment. Work includes pouring concrete for the platform and foundation work for the supervisor’s building.

Bayview Station: crews continue to install caissons as part of initial station work.

Pimisi Station: preliminary station work is ongoing, including excavation and material removal.

Lyon Station waterproofing looking east L'imperméabilisation de la station Lyon vue de l'est

Central Stations

Here we see Lyon Station cavern, where the station begins to take shape as crews install slab rebar, conduits and begin to pour the deck, part of initial concourse level work. Centre pillar concrete pours and waterproofing of the station arch are ongoing.

Lyon Station west entrance: crews continue to blast, excavate, hoe ram and remove material. At the west vent shaft, crews remove materials as they have nearly connected to the tunnel. At the east vent shaft, crews excavate and continue reinforcement work.

Traffic restrictions on Queen and O’Connor streets remain in effect.   

Lyon Station east entrance: crews complete demolition and have connected the entrance to the station adit. Crews install rebar and pour concrete for the elevator and escalator.

Parliament Station cavern: crews waterproof the cavern, install rebar and pour concrete for the north side L-wall.

Parliament Station west entrance: crews install formwork and pour concrete for the escalator and elevator. At the entrance, crews remove duct banks and install soldier piles. At the west vent shaft, crews continue shoring.

Parliament Station east entrance: crews continue installing structural steel for the stairs on the concourse level.

Piling activities at uOttawa Station - Installation de pieux à la station uOttawa

Central Stations

Rideau Station west entrance: crews install whaler beams and continue excavation. Crews drill micro-piles as part of initial escalator work.

Rideau Station east entrance: crews install the crane base and waterproof in preparation for rebar installation and concrete work.

Traffic restrictions on Rideau Street remain in effect.

Here we see uOttawa Station, where crews begin excavating and continue piling overnight as part of initial station work

Demolition of existing structures at Lees Station - Démolition de structures existantes à la station Lees

East Stations

At Lees Station seen here, crews demolish and remove the existing structures including stairs and elevators, part of initial station work.

Closure of Transitway pedestrian access from Lees to uOttawa stations.

Hurdman Station: station construction progresses as crews excavate, install grade beams and rebar, and pour concrete. Permanent bus loop construction is ongoing and includes excavation, grading and electrical work.

Fixation track rebar completed at St-Laurent Station - L'installation des barres d'armature des voies à fixation directe est terminée à la station St-Laurent

East Stations

Tremblay Station: crews pour concrete walls, install slabs as part of foundation work and work on the watermain. Station construction work also includes backfilling, duct bank installation and pouring concrete for the elevator.

Here we see St-Laurent Station, where crews pour concrete as part of elevator work and install electrical duct banks. Demolition of the electrical room and sanitary connection work continue. Trackwork activities continue and include pouring the fixation slab.

Steel columns installed at Cyrville Station - Colonnes d'acier installées à la station Cyrville

East Stations

At Cyrville Station, pictured here, crews install duct banks and structural steel progresses. Crews mobilize for second floor concourse falsework and begin working on the station metal deck. Trackwork continues in the station including tamping.

Blair Station: crews install the station’s structural steel and roof metal deck. Backfilling to the station concourse level also occurs. Trackwork continues in the station as crews install concrete ties and work on rails.

Preparing pours for starter wall in Rideau Station - Préparation du coulage de béton du mur de soutènement de la station Rideau

Tunnel Excavation and Support

Here we see Rideau Station cavern, where Crocodile Rouge excavates the central pillar and crews continue station concrete work, including rebar installation and concrete pours.

Running tunnel east of Parliament Station: crews excavate east toward Rideau Station and continue arch pours as part of final lining works.
At the East Portal, crews continue shoring to prepare for eventual guideway work.

Top layer of ballast installed on the guideway west of Cyrville Station - La couche supérieure du ballast a été installée sur la voie de guidage à l'ouest de la station Cyrville

Guideway– East Portal to Rideau River Transitway Bridge and Belfast Yard to Blair Station

East Portal to Rideau River Transitway Bridge: crews begin underground and OCS foundation work as the next phase of guideway activities begin moving west.

Hurdman Station Elevated Guideway: crews backfill the west abutment and continue forming wing walls in preparation for concrete pours by the end of the month.

Belfast Yard to Tremblay Station: crews finalize grading and install fencing along the guideway in preparation for trackwork to begin.

St-Laurent Station to Blair Station: tamping and rail alignment activities are ongoing.

Here you see a photo of the guideway west of Cyrville Station, where a top layer of crushed stone and gravel has been laid to help stabilize the track.

Crews install rebar for the Booth Street Bridge sidewalks - Des équipes de travail installent les barres d'armature des trottoirs du pont de la rue Booth

Other Activities

CPR Bridge near Bayview Station: crews work on the bridge abutments and continue drilling caissons.

Here you see the Booth Street Bridge, where crews continue pouring sidewalks and install rebar for the bridge parapets.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Tunney’s Pasture Station construction.
  • Bayview Station construction.
  • Bayview Bridge renewal.
  • Final concrete work in Parliament Station cavern.
  • Mann Avenue Bridge rehabilitation.
  • Watermain work near St-Laurent Station, along the guideway.
  • TPSS deliveries along the alignment.
  • Bus operators’ building construction at Blair Station.