Construction Update

Final pavement markings on Scott Street facing west - Dernier traçage sur la chaussée de la rue Scott, face à l’ouest

Scott Street Widening

Final works occur on the multi-use pathway between Bayview Road and Goldenrod Driveway. Crews complete the connection at the O-Train platform and final line painting takes place on Scott Street.

Waterproofing in Lyon Station cavern - Imperméabilisation de l’espace souterrain de la station Lyon

Lyon Station

Work continues with the removal of temporary concrete in the Lyon Station cavern. Jawbreaker has completed the west running tunnel and station cavern excavation, and begins working in the Parliament Station cavern.

Formwork in the southwest parking lot at the Lyon Station west entrance - Travaux de coffrage dans le parc de stationnement sud-ouest, à l’entrée ouest de la station Lyon

Lyon Station East and West Entrance

East Entrance: formwork and pouring continue on the parking levels at Place de Ville, as well as utility relocations.

West Entrance: excavation and lagging are ongoing at the southwest corner of Lyon and Queen streets and traffic switches to the east lanes on Lyon Street.

Excavation in Parliament Station cavern - Travaux d’excavation dans l’espace souterrain de la station Parlement

Parliament Station Cavern

Work on the south drift excavation continues and central pillar excavation occurs this week. Jawbreaker and Chewrocka are now mining in the Parliament Station cavern.

Winter protection enclosure at Parliament Station west entrance - Palissade de protection hivernale à l’entrée ouest de la station Parlement

Parliament Station East and West Entrance

Construction of winter protection enclosure continues along with electrical and mechanical removals. On the parking levels, formwork and concrete pouring occur. Relocation of gas main is anticipated to begin this week.

Traffic restrictions on Queen and O’Connor streets are in effect.

Work on the umbrella at Rideau Station cavern - Installation de l’ombrelle dans l’espace souterrain de la station Rideau

Rideau Station

Drilling of the final umbrella is complete and excavation continues, supported by shotcrete. Tunnel starter wall concrete work occurs and the arch final lining is ongoing.

Caisson installation at Rideau Station west entrance - Installation de caissons à l’entrée ouest de la station Rideau

Rideau Station East and West Entrance

West Entrance: mobilization begins for shoring works while crews complete piling operations.

East Entrance: work continues with rock excavation, hoe ramming and the removal of materials.

Traffic restrictions on Rideau Street remain in effect.

Rebar installation on foundation walls at Cyrville Station - Installation des barres d’armature sur les murs de fondation à la station Cyrville

Hurdman, Tremblay, St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

At Hurdman Station, electrical duct bank installations and preliminary underground work is ongoing. At Tremblay Station, reinforcements are being completed at the west end of the station, and preliminary foundation work begins. At St-Laurent Station, crews continue to excavate the station footings and will begin to pour the mud slab. Relocation of the watermain also occurs.

At Cyrville Station, formwork for the operator building is being installed. At Blair Station, foundation wall pouring and backfilling are ongoing.

Deckwork at the Hurdman Station elevated guideway - Construction du tablier de la voie de guidage élevée à la station Hurdman

Guideway construction – Hurdman Station

Installation of girders is complete and final abutment work continues.

Formwork at the east road next to VIA Rail - Travaux de coffrage sur la voie à l’est de la gare VIA Rail

Guideway construction Tremblay Station

Crews continue to pour walls and complete preliminary work to begin pouring the deck.

Concrete tie placement between St-Laurent and Cyrville stations - Installation des traverses en béton entre les stations Saint-Laurent et Cyrville

Guideway construction St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

Trackwork installation, including preliminary ballast work, takes place from Cyrville Station to just west of St-Laurent Station. Duct bank foundation and OCS foundation installations will occur until the end of the year west of St-Laurent toward the connector. Construction of the final retaining wall at Cyrville Station occurs. From Blair Station to St-Laurent Station, crews continue to distribute ties.

Completing pathways in the Belfast Yard shed - Achèvement des sentiers dans l’installation de remisage du chemin Belfast

Belfast Yard Administration and Maintenance Building and Yard

Final architectural works are ongoing inside the Belfast Yard building. Exterior panel installation occurs over the next two weeks. Trackwork continues in the yard including thermite welding. Alstom continues tooling work as part of vehicle assembly.

Pulling rail strings in sections in the Belfast Yard connector - Pose des câbles dans les sections du connecteur des installations du chemin Belfast

Belfast Yard Vehicle Storage Shed and Connector Works

Crews mobilize to install OCS poles inside the building and south of the shed. Installation of the ballast and pulling rail strings occur in the connector. Final concrete pouring takes place in the connector, while preliminary work begins to install the final section of the steel roof. Road reconstruction is being completed at the intersection of Belfast and Tremblay roads.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Lyon Station west entrance blasting operations.
  • Lyon Station east entrance and west shaft construction.

In the coming months:

  • Pimisi Station construction.
  • Booth Street Bridge girder installation and deck work.
  • Preliminary work at Lees Station and Rideau River bridge rehabilitation.
  • Hurdman Station permanent bus loop construction.
  • Bus Rapid Transit service adjustment on Scott Street.