Construction Update

Final pavement and markings on Scott Street facing east - Fin de l’asphaltage et du marquage de la rue Scott en direction est


Scott Street Widening

Final pavement and markings occur this week on Scott Street. Crews complete connections and final works for the O-Train platform.

Muck removal from Lyon Station - Retrait des matériaux excavés à la station Lyon

Lyon Station

Jawbreaker completed final bench excavation in Lyon Station; this means mining from the West Portal to the eastern end of Lyon Station cavern is 100% done.

Jawbreaker is expected to move to Parliament Station cavern this week.


Installation of reinforcements at the Lyon Street west entrance - Installation des renforcements à l’entrée ouest sur la rue Lyon

Lyon Station East and West Entrance

East Entrance: work continues on parking level, including formwork and concrete pouring. Utility relocations are ongoing at Place de Ville.

West Entrance: hoarding installation occurs and work continues on the construction of the traffic bridge. Support installation continues in the parking lot at Queen and Lyon streets. Traffic reconfiguration is also occurring.

Excavation continues at Parliament Station cavern - Excavation en cours à l’espace souterrain de la station Parlement

Parliament Station Cavern

Reinforcements and excavation continue as crews prepare for the arrival of Jawbreaker this week.

Utility work at the intersection of Queen and O’Connor streets - Travaux de réfection des infrastructures des services publics à l’intersection des rues Queen et O’Connor

Parliament Station East and West Entrance

Demolition and excavation are ongoing at the parking levels, while utility work continues.

Traffic restrictions on Queen and O’Connor streets are in effect.

Waterproofing and formwork in the east running tunnel - Imperméabilisation et coffrage dans la partie est de la banquette du tunnel

Rideau Station

Excavation is ongoing in the drifts of the Rideau Station cavern and work on the last umbrella continues. In the running tunnel, waterproofing and formwork occur.

Piling at Rideau Station west entrance Installation de pieux à l’entrée ouest de la station Rideau

Rideau Station East and West Entrance

Rideau West: crews are midway through piling and have completed shoring at the Rideau Station mid-entrance. Capping of watermain has been completed.

Rideau East: blasting, rock excavation, hoe ramming and material removal are ongoing.

Traffic restrictions on Rideau Street remain in effect.

Crews continue pouring foundation walls and footings at Blair Station - Coulage des murs et des semelles de fondation de la station Blair

Hurdman, Tremblay, St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

At Hurdman Station, removal of the former platform is being completed and installation of hydro connections is set to begin. At Tremblay Station, preliminary foundation work begins as well as preparation for the installation of decorative hoarding. At St-Laurent Station, excavation of the station footing and northeast sidewalk occurs, and formwork begins for the electrical room.

At Cyrville Station, construction of the station and windscreen footings continues. At Blair Station, concrete pours for the station walls and footings occur, and backfilling is set to commence by the end of the week.

Deckwork at the Hurdman Station elevated guideway - Travaux du tablier de la voie de guidage élevée de la station Hurdman

Guideway – Hurdman Station

Delivery and installation of girders occur for the remaining section of the elevated guideway.

Formwork continues at the east road next to VIA Rail - Coffrage sur la voie à l’est de la gare VIA Rail

Guideway Tremblay Station

Construction continues on the abutment on the road east of VIA Rail. Work includes rebar installation and pours.


Preparing guideway for trackwork from St-Laurent to Tremblay stations - Préparation de la voie de guidage pour l’installation des voies ferrées entre les stations Saint-Laurent et Tremblay

Guideway St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

Duct bank and overhead catenary pole foundation installations are ongoing west of St-Laurent Station to past Tremblay Station. Trackwork installation takes place from Cyrville Station to just west of St-Laurent Station. Final placement of pre-ballast and toe wall construction at TPSS structure occur west of Cyrville Station.

Work being completed on the train wash area - Travaux dans la zone de nettoyage des trains de l’installation d’entretien du chemin Belfast

Belfast Yard Administration and Maintenance Building and Yard

Work is ongoing at the east end of the site including fence installation, landscaping and line painting. Preliminary work begins to install OCS poles.

Eastern approach of the MSF connector track - Pose des câbles à l’installation d’entretien du chemin Belfast

Belfast Yard Vehicle Storage Shed and Connector Works

Grading is being completed from the shed to the connector. OCS pole installations are ongoing while crews complete the track slab pours and pull rail strings in sections through the connector. Road reconstruction including backfilling, waterproofing, work on the watermain and finalizing the multi-use pathway continues through November.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Jawbreaker to move from Lyon Station cavern to Parliament Station cavern.
  • Lyon Station west entrance blasting operations.
  • Lyon Station east entrance and west shaft construction.


In the coming months: