Construction Update

Final curb work, part of Scott Street widening / Derniers travaux en bordure de la chaussée dans le cadre de l’élargissement de la rue Scott

Scott Street Widening

Crews work installing traffic poles and signals. O-Train platform relocation begins.  Surrounding multi-use pathways construction is ongoing.

Mining in drifts in the Lyon Station cavern / Excavation des galeries d’accès dans l’espace souterrain de la station Lyon

Lyon Station

Crews finalize the installation of the umbrella in the station cavern. Jawbreaker excavates the north and south elevator pockets and continues mining the station cavern in drifts.

Drilling and piling at the Lyon Station west entrance / Forage et installation de pieux à l’entrée ouest de la station Lyon

Lyon Station East and West Entrance

East Entrance: crews complete cabling and slab work at the lower level parking elevators. Concrete work and rebar installations occur for the parking elevator.

West Entrance: Crews continue drilling piles and steel reinforcements.

Mining the central pillar in the Parliament Station cavern / Excavation du pilier central de l’espace souterrain de la station Parlement

Parliament Station Cavern

Crews install formwork in the tunnel transition moving west toward Lyon Station and install the umbrella in the station cavern. Chewrocka continues mining the cavern’s central pillar.

East running tunnel arch waterproofing work / Imperméabilisation des arches de la partie est de la banquette du tunnel

Rideau Station

Crews install rebar and waterproof the running tunnel. Preparations begin to construct the invert in the next weeks. Reinforcements of the station cavern occur and include installing rockbolts and wire mesh.

Crocodile Rouge completes a section of the bench and mining of the cavern continues in drifts.


Preparing for blasting operations at Rideau Station east entrance - Préparation au dynamitage à l’entrée est de la station Rideau

Rideau Station East and West Entrance

East Entrance: line drilling occurs for rock excavation. Crews continue blasting operations, followed by rock excavation. Blasting is ongoing through winter.

West Entrance: the installation of piles is ongoing at the future station entrance. Rebar installation and pouring of concrete piles occur.

Traffic restrictions on Rideau Street remain in effect.

uOttawa Station-installing section of utility corridor

uOttawa Station

Crews continue installing the utility corridor in sections, in front of the University of Ottawa buildings along Nicholas Street. Work includes excavation, installation of the corridor and backfilling.

Transitway demolition at Tremblay

Tremblay, St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

Crews set-up equipment and drive piles for shoring at Tremblay Station. Platform slab removals occur at St-Laurent Station. Crews pour footings and walls, and excavate along the north side of Cyrville Station. Foundation excavation continues at Blair Station.

Pouring abutment panels-Booth Street Bridge

Guideway Booth Street Bridge

Crews continue pouring the panels for the north abutment.

Hurdman station elevated / Station Hurdman élévée

GuidewayHurdman Station

Crews complete formwork, begin pouring the deck, and construct the piers for the elevated guideway. Rebar and formwork installation occurs on the deck of the structure east of the station. Preparatory demolition work for the existing bus loop begins.

Rebar and formwork on abutment-East ring road-Tremblay Station

GuidewayTremblay Station

Backfilling, rebar and formwork installation begin on the abutments for the road east of VIA Rail Station.

Trackwork on guideway near Cyrville Station

GuidewaySt-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

Final welding operations occur and ballast installation begins on the guideway from Blair Station to just past Cyrville Station. Crews also pull rail strings and mobilize to install overhead catenary poles from Blair Station moving westward. Grading and duct bank installations continue from west of Cyrville to St-Laurent stations.

Exterior panel and interlock installations at Belfast Yard-2015-10-15

Belfast Yard Administration and Maintenance Building and Yard

Work inside the building includes installation of platforms/equipment, and final flooring and electrical. Exterior metal panels are being completed and decorative bollard installations begin. Final backfilling at the retaining pond, curb, sidewalks, light bases, south side landscaping, welding operations and track installations occur in the yard.

Trackwork leading to Belfast Yard shed

Belfast Yard Vehicle Storage Shed and Connector Works

Final paving begins in the shed. At the connector, crews continue backfilling, installing the roof, constructing vents and begin installing rebar for trackwork. Work to relocate the watermain is ongoing on Tremblay Road.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Parliament Station entrance utilities relocations.
  • Demolition of the former Hurdman Station bus structure.
  • Installation of girders on the remaining Hurdman Station elevated guideway columns.
  • Assembly of Alstom Citadis light rail vehicles.

In the coming months:

  • Lyon Station west entrance blasting operations.
  • Lyon Station east entrance and west shaft construction.