Construction Update

Preparations for paving for Scott Street widening

Scott Street Widening

Road widening is ongoing from Holland to Smirle avenues. It includes backfilling and preparations for paving. Work to relocate the watermain and to connect a section of the multi-use pathway at Bayview Road continue.    O-Train platform relocation work occurs.

Preparations for paving for Scott Street widening

Lyon Station

Jawbreaker mines the central pillar and crews reinforce the station cavern with umbrella installation and grouting. With the final lining arch work completed in the running tunnel, the arch formwork is dismantled this week.

Line drilling at the Lyon Station west entrance

Lyon Station East and West Entrance

East Entrance: crews cut slabs, remove rebar and install formwork at the lower level parking elevators within Place de Ville.

West Entrance: Line drilling occurs in preparation for future controlled blasting operations. Crews continue drilling piles in the parking area.

Transferring concrete at the central shaft

Parliament Station Cavern

Crews continue drainage work in the tunnel transition moving west toward Lyon Station. Chewrocka completes excavation of the central pillar and umbrella installation takes place in the station cavern.

Installing lattice girder reinforcements in Rideau Station cavern

Rideau Station

Crews mobilize to begin waterproofing the arch in the running tunnel and continue concrete pours for the starter walls. Crocodile Rouge continues mining the station cavern in drifts. Cavern reinforcements, including lattice girders and rockbolt installations, occur in the cavern.

Shoring and drilling at the Rideau Station east entrance

Rideau Station East and West Entrance

East Entrance: crews continue reinforcements, including shoring. Line drilling for blasting operations occur this week.

West Entrance: crews continue working on the watermain and install piles at the future station entrance.

Traffic restrictions on Rideau Street remain in effect.

Installing a section of the utility corridor

uOttawa Station

Crews continue installing sections of the utility corridor, moving south to north adjacent to the University of Ottawa buildings along Nicholas Street.

Final lower level removals at St-Laurent Station

Tremblay, St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

Demolition of the existing Transitway station and preparations for shoring occur at Tremblay Station. Demolition occurs at St-Laurent Station. Crews begin excavating and continue installing site services at Cyrville Station. Installation of site services and demolition continues at Blair Station.

Installing formwork at the Booth Street Bridge

Guideway construction Booth Street Bridge

Formwork and installation of rebar at the north abutment continues.

Hurdman Station elevated guideway deck formwork

Guideway – Hurdman Station

Deck formation and  rebar installation is ongoing. Construction of the Reinforced Steel Structure RSS* walls east of the station is continue.

Constructing the footing of the east ring structure at Tremblay Station

Guideway Tremblay Station

Crews construct the concrete footings for the road east of VIA Rail Station.

Installation of fencing on guideway west of Blair Station

Guideway St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

Trackwork continues with welding operations from Blair Station to just east of Cyrville Station. Crews install the retaining wall at the TPSS just east of Blair Station and work on the TPSS just west of Cyrville Station. Construction of the retaining wall occurs at southwest abutment of Cyrville Bridge. Ductbank installations continue from Cyrville to St-Laurent stations.

Aerial photo of ongoing site work at Belfast Yard

Belfast Yard Administration and Maintenance Building and Yard

Crews complete flooring and electrical work, and continue constructing the works stations inside the building. Installation of exterior wall panels is ongoing. Backfilling at the retaining pond, curb and sidewalk work, and installation of bollards occur onsite. Tracks installations continue on the west side of the yard.

Roof installation at the Belfast Yard connector

Belfast Yard Vehicle Storage Shed and Connector Works

Installation of the roof, vents and retaining walls, as well as backfilling and watermain work is underway. Ballast installation occurs in the shed and drilling for trackwork continues at the connector.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Rideau Station east entrance blasting operations
  • Parliament Station entrance utilities relocations.
  • Demolition of the former Hurdman Station bus structure.
  • Assembly of Alstom Citadis light rail vehicles.

In the coming months:

  • Lyon Station west entrance blasting operations.
  • Lyon Station east entrance excavation and west shaft construction.