Construction Update

Scott Street curb removal

Scott Street Widening

Crews continue road widening works, from Carruthers to Holland avenues. Work includes completing curb removals, installing monitoring and concrete slabs for duct banks.

Concrete arch-Lyon Station running tunnel

Lyon Station

Crews continue concrete pours of the arch in the running tunnel. Reinforcements are ongoing in the cavern, and include umbrella installations. Jawbreaker continues mining in drifts.

Place de Ville demolition concourse level

Lyon Station East Entrance

Chipping and removals occur at the concourse level in Place de Ville. Crews continue relocating communications systems and conduits.

Lyon Station west entrance traffic control

Lyon Station West Entrance

Crews continue mobilizing to begin shoring and drilling at the Lyon Station west entrance. Work also includes the installation of manholes.

Parliament Station reinforcement

Parliament Station Cavern

Chewrocka mines the central pillar this week and crews begin installing the umbrella. Construction continues on the running tunnel starter walls, including concrete pours.

Rideau Station east adit

Rideau Station Cavern and East Entrance

Mining of the HVAC adit and elevator adit is ongoing. Crews continue reinforcements in the station cavern. Waterproofing is underway in the running tunnel.

Preparatory works for shoring and excavation occur at the Rideau Station east entrance.

Hurdman Station bus loop

Hurdman Station

Work on the new bus loop includes paving and line painting, and finalizing the pedestrian access and new island. The new bus loop will be used during station construction later this fall. Pathway realignment will be in place until station construction works are complete.

Blair Station canopy demolition

Tremblay, St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

Demolition of the existing structures onsite is ongoing at Cyrville and Blair stations, and removals occur at St-Laurent Station. Crews continue trailer set-up and mobilization at Tremblay Station. Pathway realignment around the stations continues and will be in place until construction is complete.

Booth Street bridge construction

Guideway – Booth Street Bridge

Bridge construction continues and includes installation of rebar and formwork at the south abutment, in addition to finalizing pours of the pier caps and excavation at the north abutment.

Hurdman guideway pier caps

Guideway – Hurdman Station

Crews finalize pours of the pier caps and continue working on the girders. Construction of the embankment continues east of the station. Pathway realignment will be in place until construction is complete.

Tremblay Station east ring structure

Guideway – Tremblay Station

Reinforcements of the protection system and excavation are ongoing for the next weeks east of the VIA Rail Station. Pathway realignment will be in place until construction is complete.

Installations-Guideway near Cyrville

Guideway – St-Laurent, Cyrville and Blair Stations

Crews continue excavating and installing duct banks along this section of guideway. Preparations to install caissons for the overhead catenary poles occur this week.

Belfast Yard lighting-maintenance areas

Belfast Yard Administration and Maintenance Building

Flooring installation occurs at the main entrance area inside the building and crews are finalizing the doors and ceilings. Track installation continues for the maintenance bay, and sanding and washing areas. Final glazing and panel installation on the building has begun.

Excavation vent shaft-Belfast Yard connector

Belfast Yard Vehicle Storage Shed, Yard and Connector Works

Crews continue ballast and tamping in the shed and yard. Additional yard works include completing curbs and sidewalks, grading, paving, and installing duct banks moving east. Connector works include preparations to install slabs for the tracks, backfilling and vent construction.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Lyon Station east entrance excavation and west shaft construction.
  • University of Ottawa utility tunnel relocation along Nicholas Street to the East Portal.
  • Rideau Station west entrance excavation.
  • Girder installations for the Hurdman Station elevated guideway.
  • Mobilization to begin assembly of the Alstom Citadis light rail vehicles at Belfast Yard.
  • Installation of the roof at the Belfast Yard connector.
  • Final works for Highway 417 widening project.