Construction Update

Asphalt paving occurs on the Preston Street detour / Revêtement d’asphalte le long de la rue Preston

Asphalt paving occurs on the Preston Street detour / Revêtement d’asphalte le long de la rue Preston

The Preston Street detour will allow transit, commuters, pedestrians and cyclists to use Preston Street during the Booth Street closure and construction of Pimisi Station.

Construction continues along the Preston Street detour, and includes asphalt paving and installation of street light poles. Shelter installation is ongoing this week by OC Transpo.


Rebar and support system installation in the Lyon Station cavern / Mise en place de barres d’armature et d’un système de soutien dans le grand espace de la station Lyon


Cavern reinforcement is ongoing with rockbolt, rebar installation, shotcrete and support system.

Mining in drifts is anticipated to continue until end of December.


Ongoing formwork in the Parliament Station cavern / Installation des coffrages dans la station Parliament


Construction of a lower level support system is ongoing, including formwork, storm sewer and conduit installation. 


Rideau Station cavern excavation / Excavation du grand espace souterrain de la station Rideau

Crocodile Rouge

Rideau Station cavern excavation has begun.

Tunnel reinforcement is ongoing with shotcrete and rockbolt installation.


Scotiabank building demolition on Rideau Street / Démolition de l’édifice Scotiabank sur la rue Rideau

Internal abatement of the existing Scotiabank building continues in advance of building demolition scheduled to being in January 2015.


Belfast Yard administration and maintenance building construction continues / La construction de l’édifice de l’administration et de l’entretien de la Cour Belfast se poursuit

Masonry work, cladding and panel installation for the Belfast Yard building envelop and roofing are ongoing through winter.

Construction of the internal components continue during the winter months.


Verona temporary support system at the Belfast Yard connector / Système de soutien temporaire de Verona sur la voie de raccordement avec la Cour Belfast

Works on the Belfast Yard connector are ongoing with the removal of the steel bridge under the VIA Rail tracks scheduled for end of week. 


Caisson drilling north of the existing Hurdman Station / Forage du caisson au nord de la station Hurdman actuelle

Elevated guideway work for the future Hurdman Station is ongoing with caisson drilling north of the existing Hurdman Station. 


St. Laurent Boulevard off-ramp paving and curb construction / Revêtement de la bretelle de sortie vers le boulevard St Laurent et construction de la bordure en béton

Drilling median foundations, installing electrical and light poles advances from Cyrville Road to Nicholas Street.

Paving occurs at St. Laurent and Lemieux streets, and Vanier Parkway.

Sewer crews continue to work in the median lane throughout winter. 


Ongoing reconstruction of median span at Hurdman Bridge / Reconstruction en cours de la travée médiane du pont Hurdman

Reconstruction of the median span at the Hurdman Bridge is ongoing, with panels on the abutments and girder installation.

The east and west multiuse pathway closures continue.


Demolition of removed Vanier Parkway overpass / Démolition d’éléments du pont de la promenade Vanier retiré

Vanier Parkway Overpass

Demolition of the old Vanier Parkway Overpass continues at the staging area while final works occur on the overpass.


Ongoing ceiling system works on the Coventry Pedestrian Footbridge / Poursuite des travaux au-dessus du système de plafond suspendu de la passerelle piétonnière de Coventry

Construction of the Coventry Pedestrian Footbridge ramps / Construction des rampes de la passerelle piétonnière Coventry

Electrical and plumbing works are ongoing at the Coventry Pedestrian Footbridge and concrete pours continue for the next weeks on the stairs and landings on the north and south sides.


Albert at Preston looking west / Albert à la rue Preston, direction ouest

Complete sidewalk reinstatements on Albert Street between City Centre Avenue and Preston.