Construction Update

Parliament interior

While we’re well on our way with 2019, the first months of the New Year tend to be the time for starting fresh, taking stock and going forward in a new direction. With that in mind, the O-Train construction project team is taking the opportunity to refresh the weekly construction update newsletter.  You’ll still find the construction content you’ve come to expect, but with revenue service on the horizon for Q1 2019, there is a great opportunity to provide some additional content to our subscribers; content that focuses on getting ready for rail, content that answers questions and content that keeps you looped in to the various finishing works at each of the Stage 1 stations.

We hope you’ll enjoy this content refresh and as always, if you have any questions, we invite you to reach out via the project email at [email protected].

Parliament interior

Activities Across the Alignment Construction Update

Finishing works continue at all 13 Confederation Line O-Train Stations. Installation activities include painting, tiling, stainless steel fixtures, glass work, siding, lighting, structural elements and other hardware installations. Escalators, elevators and associated finishes continue as crews work toward safety certifications

Train Testing - into Tunney's Pasture Station

Train Testing

Trains can be seen performing end-to-end test runs with more frequency and volume as we move through February. O-Train operators continue training as other commissioning activities progress.

Lyon Station Lyon

This Week’s Ready for Rail Theme: My Station

OC Transpo’s Ready for Rail 360-degree tour of Lyon Station is now available online at; this virtual tour will let transit customers familiarize themselves with station features in preparation for the opening of O-Train Line 1, Confederation Line.  The tour provides you with a first look at your transit journey including what the ticket machines and fare gates look like, how you will access the platform level, and the many accessibility and safety features.

Using the tour is simple: just use your mouse to click through the station or use the level indicator in the bottom left hand corner to change floors. Click on the red and white ‘O’ button to read more about station features.

You can check it out online at

Upcoming Construction Activities

The following construction activities are planned for the coming weeks:

  • Installation of public art at Tremblay Station
  • Advanced testing and commissioning of systems
  • Interior touch-ups at the stations
  • Ongoing vehicle testing

Elevator and escalator certifications