Construction Update

Progress is visible at the aboveground stations this week, including at Bayview Station, where the ancillary building foundation is going up, at Hurdman Station, where crews construct the next set of stairs, and at St-Laurent Station, where crews begin installing porcelain panels.

Pimisi Station foundation and wall progress - Progrès des travaux sur les fondations et les murs à la station Pimisi

West Stations

Tunney’s Pasture Station 
Now that shoring is complete, crews mobilize to begin rock anchor drilling and backfilling at the platform area, install grade beams, and continue duct bank, stairs and landing concrete pours this week.
Bayview Station 

Construction progresses at the station and includes forming and installing grade beams for the concourse level, waterproofing the elevator and escalator pits, and at the east end of the station, backfilling activities to allow for concrete works to begin in the next weeks.

Pimisi Station 
Work is ongoing at the station; crews continue to install masonry, start mechanical work and backfilling in sections, construct the first set of stairs, and prepare for structural steel delivery and installation in the next weeks. Concrete works for the station walls also advance under Booth Street bridge.

Parliament Station arch concrete fining lining progress - Progrès du coulage de béton sur l'arche dans l'espace souterrain de la station Parlement

Central Stations

Lyon Station cavern
Crews complete curbs and some sections of concrete on the north side of the platform area in addition to working on ceilings, escalators and elevators at the concourse level. By end of week, guideway crews mobilize to begin working on the track slab in the cavern.

Lyon Station west entrance
Integrated entrance construction advances with concrete work, including at the escalator pit, north wall and staircase raft slab areas. At the east vent shaft, rock hammering and removals are ongoing in anticipation of a complete breakthrough.

Lyon Station east entrance 
Crews install the last section of structural steel at the concourse and continue concrete pours for walls, ramps and slabs and begin forming and pouring the adit walls. Waterproofing and concrete activities take place at the HVAC shaft.

Parliament Station cavern 
The station continues to take shape with ongoing arch rebar and final concrete lining work, deck pours and the installation of waterproofing in sections to begin concrete activities.

Parliament Station east entrance 
Crews continue soft ground and rock removals, in addition to line drilling and hoe ramming activities this week. Activities will ramp up in this area with 24/7 work as required. Rebar installation is completed to allow for upcoming concrete pours at the east vent shaft.

Rideau Station arch concrete lining progress - Progrès dans l'application du revêtement de béton sur l'arche à la station Rideau

Rideau Station cavern
Crews continue waterproofing, installing rebar and pouring concrete for the arch and walls in sequence.

Rideau Station west entrance
Concrete works wrap up this week to allow crews to mobilize to begin excavating the escalator area. At the HVAC shaft, rebar is installed and concrete wall pours take place.

Rideau Station east entrance
Integrated entrance construction continues to progress with concrete pours for another section of stairs as well as the east and south walls. The final section of existing whaler beam is also removed this week.

uOttawa Station-ongoing steel installation - L'installation des structures en acier à la station uOttawa

uOttawa Station
Station construction continues to ramp up; the first phase of structural steel installation is completed, work on the raft slab of the pedestrian underpass progresses, electrical work occurs at the concourse level, duct banks continue to be installed, and crews mobilize to install doors at the end of this week.

East Portal
The installation of rebar followed by concrete pours for walls and slabs are ongoing along with excavation of the ramp. Crews also begin cutting whaler beams this week.

St-Laurent Station progress - Avancement des travaux à la station St-Laurent, y compris le plafond

East Stations

Lees Station
Crews continue concrete works on the raft slab of the ancillary building, mechanical and electrical work and finalize some backfilling.

Hurdman Station
Construction is ongoing at the station with the installation of structural steel columns for the canopies, concrete suspended slab work for the next set of stairs, waterproofing the existing stairs in addition to interior painting and installation of windows in the ancillary buildings.

Tremblay Station
Station progress continues to be visible with the installation of windscreen footings, framing of the soffit, and work in the communications room and on the elevators.

Progress of soffit and panel installation at Blair Station - Progrès dans l'installation du soffite et des panneaux à la station Blair

St-Laurent Station
Crews are working on ceiling panels, pouring curbs on the north side of the station, installing porcelain panels and continuing mechanical and electrical light rough-ins for the platform and ceilings. The installation of doors and hardware continues in phases.

Cyrville Station
Soffit installation is completed this week on the west side of the station, work on the windscreen footings and the installation of glazing on the station roof begin, and crews install the parapet at the auxiliary building. Other work includes construction of stairs and final electrical rough ins and lighting and hardware installation.

Blair Station
Construction continues to progress with the installation of the soffit on the south side and skylight area, tiling in the station, the installation of hardware, doors, porcelain panels and conduits, as well as work in the communications room.

Pouring the track slab in running tunnel west of Lyon Station cavern - Coulage du béton pour la dalle de la voie dans le tunnel à l'ouest de l'espace souterrain de la station Lyon

Tunnel Construction

In the running tunnel west of Lyon Station cavern, crews continue pouring the track slab as part of direct fixation trackwork. In the running tunnel east of Lyon Station, duct banks installations are being completed in sections. Just east of Parliament Station, crews begin pouring starter walls and install waterproofing for upcoming final arch concrete lining work.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Hoe ramming as part of work on the western section of the guideway.
  • Pimisi Station structural steel installation.
  • Lyon Station west vent shaft work.
  • Activities at the Parliament Station west entrance with architectural work for the parapets.
  • Parliament Station west entrance shoring.
  • Ongoing overnight work at the Rideau Station west and east entrances, and at the East Portal.
  • Removal of the East Portal roof and beginning of next phase of ramp construction.
  • Ongoing structural steel installation at uOttawa Station requiring overnight lane restrictions.
  • Structural steel installation at Lees Station.
  • Fencing installation on guideway just west of Tremblay Station.
  • Initial landscaping and parapet work at Tremblay Station that will require a pedestrian realignment.
  • Systems installation along the guideway, including Overhead Catenary System poles and wires.
  • Overhead Catenary System energized in phases for ongoing vehicle testing from Belfast Yard to Blair Station.

Did you know work continues in the Confederation Line tunnel now that mining has been completed?

With excavation of the tunnel 100% complete, crews have begun working on the final concrete lining, including the arches and walls, installing conduits and cable banks, and pouring the concrete slabs for the direct fixation tracks. Once the track slab is poured, trackwork activities will begin followed by systems installation.