Construction Summary

Central Segment


West Portal (Jawbreaker)

  • Mining progresses toward the west entrance of Lyon Station.
  • Cavern reinforcement continues and includes the installation of rockbolts and shotcrete as well as the construction of a lower level support system.
  • Roadheader mining in the central shaft from the east segment to the west segment punched through on November 7, 2014.
  • Ongoing mining in drifts is anticipated until December 2014.

Central Shaft (Chewrocka)

  • Mining advances west toward Lyon Station.
  • Ongoing construction of a lower level support system continues as the first half of the formwork and support is complete.
  • Installation of storm sewers and conduits progresses.

Mining advances in the central shaft west toward Lyon Station / Le creusement avance vers l’ouest dans le puits central, vers la station Lyon

East Portal (Crocodile Rouge)

  • Roadheader approaching transition[i] to Rideau Station cavern.
  • Shotcreting and rockbolt installation occur as mining advances past Dalhousie Street.
  • Cavern excavation is anticipated to begin as early as late December.

Shotcreting and rockbolting occur as mining from East Portal advances past Dalhousie Street / On procède à l’application de béton au pistolet pneumatique à mesure que le creusement avance au-delà de la rue Dalhousie à partir du portail est

For weekly updates on tunnel excavation progress please visit the Roadheader page.

East Segment

Belfast Yard

Long-term closure of Belfast Road, south of Tremblay Road to Trainyards Drive and north of Tremblay Road to Coventry Road continues.

Belfast Yard Administration and Maintenance Building

  • Steel erection on the Belfast Yard shed is nearing completion.
  • Formwork advances and roofing is ongoing with parapet installation.
  • Masonry work progresses in advance of building envelope works scheduled for the third week of November.
  • Site utilities continue north and south of Belfast Road.

Final beam is placed on Belfast Yard administration building / La dernière poutre est mise en place sur le bâtiment de l’administration de la Cour Belfast

Belfast Yard Connector - Works on the Belfast Yard connector, which will allow vehicles to travel to and from the Light Rail Transit (LRT) track to Belfast Yard, advance and include:

  • Installation of whalers[ii]
  • Formwork, reinforcement, placing concrete and excavation
  • Removal of the steel bridge (Verona System) for the temporary VIA Rail track support systems (is scheduled to occur in the third week of November).

Hurdman Station (Station construction is scheduled to begin as early as spring/summer 2015)

  • Ongoing elevated guideway work for the future Hurdman Station continues until the New Year and includes piling and drilling caissons north of the existing Hurdman Station.

Drilling caissons at Hurdman Station / Forage de caissons à la station Hurdman

Civic Works

Highway 417 Roadwork, Widening and Structure Rehabilitation


  • Median barrier wall removal, excavation, drilling of median foundations, pouring median walls and sewers advances in the median lanes along Highway 417.
  • Panel installation continues on the retaining wall along the highway.
  • Wiring, boring[iii], and pouring of concrete footing continue for light pole installations.
  • Work at St. Laurent and Lemieux intersection including, electrical work, curbs and island reconfiguration is scheduled to be completed in November.
  • Roadway excavation, milling[iv], placing and compacting granular continue along the highway as grading work at Robinson Avenue advances.
  • Winter preparations are underway along the highway.

Median lane rehabilitation continues along Highway 417 / La réhabilitation de la voie médiane continue le long de l’autoroute 417


  • The three message signs have been installed and are expected to be operational shortly. Electrical testing is being conducted by the Ministry of Transportation.


  • Widening, reconstruction and rehabilitation of various bridge structures advance along the highway. Final works are ongoing at the Lees Avenue underpass, the Vanier Parkway overpass and on the St. Laurent overpass.

Lees Avenue Underpass

  • Pouring, stripping and forming of the retaining wall continue at Lees Avenue underpass and installation of precast panels[v] and other final works are ongoing for the next weeks.

Pouring, stripping and forming of the retaining wall continue at Lees Avenue underpass / L’installation et l’enlèvement des coffrages pour la mise en place du béton du mur de soutènement continuent au passage inférieur de l’avenue Lees

Hurdman Bridge

  • Ongoing demolition and reconstruction of the structure’s median span advances with installation of panels at the abutments.
  • The placement of reinforcing steel at the east and west footings is ongoing.
  • Alternating closures of the east and west multi-use pathway continues as panel installation and headwalls[vi] progress.

Forming of piers at Hurdman Bridge / Installation des coffrages pour les piliers du pont Hurdman

Vanier Parkway Overpass

  • Backfilling, forming and curing of concrete continue at Vanier Parkway overpass.
  • Rehabilitation works including completing the new curb, paving and relocating the intersection lighting are ongoing until the end of November.

Coventry Pedestrian Footbridge

  • Installation of the roofing system, hangers for the suspended ceiling system[vii] and glazing panels on the east side of the footbridge continue.
  • Construction on the south abutment stairs and vault ceiling also advance as well as general site cleanup in anticipation of substantial completion of works by end of the year.

Ongoing construction of the ramp at Coventry Pedestrian Footbridge / Travaux de construction en cours pour la rampe d’accès à la passerelle pour piétons Coventry

Installation of glazing panels at Coventry Pedestrian Footbridge / Mise en place des panneaux de verre de la passerelle pour piétons Coventry

Belfast Road Underpass – Reconstruction is ongoing as long-term closure of Belfast Road, north of Tremblay Road to Coventry Road continues.

  • Construction on the underpass’ median pier advances and curing, stripping and installation of railings occur on parapet walls.

Forming of parapet walls at Belfast Road underpass / Construction des coffrages pour les murs de parapet du passage inférieur du chemin Belfast

St. Laurent Overpass

  • General site clean-up and demobilization is ongoing for the next weeks on the

St. Laurent overpass.

Albert Street Civic Works

  • Installation of sanitary sewer at City Centre
  • Begin curb installation on Albert Street
  • Placement of Granular A on Albert Street

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[i]Transition refers to the area between the running tunnel and the station cavern.

[ii] Whalers are horizontal reinforcement used to secure upright structures, such as formwork for the pouring of concrete.

[iii] Boring refers to the act or process of enlarging a hole.

[iv] Milling refers to the process of removing asphalt pavement with a machine.

[v]Precast concrete is concrete that is made in a reusable mold or "form" which is then transported to the construction site and lifted into place. In contrast, standard concrete is poured into site-specific forms and cured on site.

[vi]Headwall refers to the small retaining wall placed at the outlet of a culvert or stormwater pipe.

[vii]A suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling that is used for the structure’s infrastructure, including piping, wiring and/or ductwork.