Minimizing disruption during construction

Notice - Avis

The Confederation Line is a complex engineering and construction project involving many components and activities that will have some impact on daily life in Ottawa; however, the City of Ottawa and the Rideau Transit Group are committed to minimizing disruption whenever possible. We recognize the importance of being a good neighbour by reducing impacts on surrounding businesses, residences and the natural environment.

The following are some examples of this commitment:

The sequential excavation method (SEM) chosen to mine the tunnel has minimized interference with traffic downtown by reducing works at the surface, in particular with respect to access to Parliament Hill and the interprovincial bridges. The tunnel method also lessens impacts on pedestrians, cyclists, transit and traffic.

At the West Portal and East Portal, protective covers were added at tunnel access points to minimize dust and noise impacts during construction.

The Belfast Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) has been designed to be integrated with the surrounding residential, commercial, light industrial and retail land uses. A noise berm on the site will help reduce noise from the light rail vehicle operations.

Advance notices via social media and online will continue to be posted to ensure that the public are aware of any major construction, potential road closures and alternative routes.

Stay on-track with us! Visit the Confederation Line website at for further information on what we are building, when and how.