Economic Impact of the Confederation Line

Economic Impact

The Confederation Line will result in a number of economic benefits for the City of Ottawa. As outlined in 2012’s The Benefits of Light Rail, the project will generate real savings for the City and for taxpayers. The economic output from the light rail transit project is approximately $3.3 billion over a 30 year analysis period. These savings include $1.5 billion in time savings, $1.1 billion in vehicle operating costs and $400 million in accident avoidance.

The Confederation Line will also help invigorate Ottawa's economy through the creation of new jobs. More than 20, 000 person-years of direct and indirect employment will be generated as a result of the LRT investment. New jobs in construction, operation and maintenance of the light rail system will keep workers busy in the coming years.

Once in service, Confederation Line will help the City’s economy become even more competitive and dynamic. Through the City’s Official Plan, and associated Community Design Plans, the City will use Confederation Line as a catalyst for the development of more populated mixed use communities that require less infrastructure per capita, reduce demand for road traffic and encourage walking, cycling and transit. This approach will reduce urban sprawl and help limit the costs of growth. It will also make the City a more attractive place for investors, employers and employees.

Confederation Line will make our City cleaner, more efficient, more prosperous and an even better place to live, work and play.

- Rail Implementation Office