Construction Update

Work on the digital signband and communications infrastructure (such as PA systems and cameras) continues across the eastern stations. In the central segment, architectural works are ongoing at Lyon Station and include intumescent painting, tiling, and work on the elevators. At Rideau Station, intumescent painting is underway on the entry beams and grade level structure steel.

Tunney's Pasture Station 2018-04-12 (1)

West Stations

Tunney’s Pasture Station 
Crews continue to work on the composite metal panels (CMP). Crews will be installing windscreen glass at the station and are working on the three buildings that make up the bus loop.

Bayview Station 
Current activities focus on CMP installation at the south roof. Crews are also preparing the platform for concrete pours later this month and completing the concrete formwork and rebar for the west plaza stairs.

Pimisi Station
Porcelain panels are being installed at the stairways, and at the entrance canopy, there is work taking place to complete the roof. Crews are also installing edge plates on the platform.

Parliament Station fan installation 2018-04-09

Central Stations

Lyon Station 
Architectural works are ongoing at the station and include intumescent painting, tiling and work on the elevators. There is also work to install the intertrack barriers, mechanical and electrical installations, and platform and concourse ceiling ductwork.

Parliament Station 
This week, elevator structural steel and glazing are installed, commissioning of the east-concourse HVAC continues, and tiling is ongoing throughout the station. Moreover, fan installation progresses and there is formwork and rebar going in at the east concourse mezzanine.

Parliament Station west entrance
Construction activities include intumescent painting, conduit installation to enable head house power, and work on the upper concourse walls. Meanwhile, escalator installation and assembly progresses. The crews at the west TVS focus on waterproofing and rebar installation.

Parliament Station east TVS
The third concrete pour took place this week. Crews began installing formwork for the backside of the TVS shaft in preparation for the fourth concrete pour. Next week, rebar installation and the forming of the inside of the shaft will occur.

Crews work on the service and utility rooms at uOttawa Station

Rideau Station 
Visible progress is made at the station with stair construction, platform and concourse level wall construction, and elevator steel installation. Conduit, plumbing and ventilation systems are being installed. Hydrovacing from street level will occur intermittently during day time hours over the coming weeks to clean surface areas and underground lines in the tunnel.

Rideau Station west entrance
The focus at the west entrance this week is commissioning the newly installed escalators. In addition, the West TVS progresses with rebar, formwork, concrete pours and waterproofing. This work is related to the second of five concrete pours.

Rideau Station east entrance
Intumescent painting continues this week on the entry beams and grade level structure steel. The adit progresses with arch formwork stripping. Next week, work on the head house envelope resumes and the ceiling is installed at the stair landings.

East Portal
Waterproofing is still be completed, in preparation for the backfill of excavated areas.

uOttawa Station
Crews are working on the housing for the edge platform lighting and are preparing to do the concrete pour for the entrance stairs with connection to the S-MUP (multi-use pathway). Crews are also at work on the elevator glazing, the composite panels, and the porcelain panels.

Wood ceiling installation continues at Blair Station 2018-04-12

East Stations

Lees Station
CMP installations on the main roof are ongoing. Crews are also working on the pours for the westbound topping slab and completing mechanical and electrical finishes in advance of wood ceiling work.

Hurdman Station
The installation of the PA system and cameras has started. The CMP work for the south side is complete and the CMP work for north side begins. Crews are also working on the tall glass at the north side.

Tremblay Station
Current activities focus on the digital signband and the platform edge lighting; composite metal panels; and elevator glass. Cameras and speakers are also going up throughout the station.

St-Laurent Station
Digital signband installation is underway. Porcelain panels are ongoing. The work on the mullions for the glass walls is mostly complete. The electrical work at the BRT level is substantially completed. The entrance lantern sign structure has been completed.

Cyrville Station
Crews have completed the outstanding curbs on the upper concourse. Work on the digital signband continues. Landscaping work is scheduled to resume in the coming weeks, including pouring concrete for the bike racks.

Blair Station
Wood ceiling installations continue. Completion of handrails is underway and there is ongoing work on the edge-of-platform light band and digital signband.

OCS installations west of Bayview Station 2018-04-12

Guideway and Trackwork

Crews will work on electrification of the western alignment and the tunnel. OLRT-C is looking ahead to regular train-testing across Segment 1 in the near future. Currently in the tunnel, the east bound track slab has been completed and the west bound track slab continues to progress.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Wood ceilings are going up, beginning at the easternmost stations.
  • Digital signband, light-band and entrance lanterns will be installed at the eastern stations.
  • Completion of stairs at the S-MUP at uOttawa Station.
  • Windscreen glass installation at Tunney’s Pasture Station.
  • Completion of trackwork across the project
  • Skylight glazing installation at Tunney’s Pasture Station.