Construction Update

At Lees Station this week, crews will install the suspended ceiling framing across the tracks and under the concourse, while at uOttawa Station, there is ongoing work to complete the composite metal panel framing on both the platform and concourse. Over at Tunney’s Pasture Station, crews are at work on the new bus operator, maintenance and supervisor buildings. In the tunnel, at the West Entrance of Parliament Station, work continues on the roof slab with waterproofing and concrete stripping occurring this week.

Ongoing construction progress at Pimisi Station 2018-01-09

West Stations

Tunney’s Pasture Station 
Crews are expected to have all the steel work done by the end the month. The ceiling framing at the platform is ongoing, while inside the bus loop, construction of the bus operator, maintenance and supervisor buildings has begun.

Bayview Station 
Porcelain panels for the stairways continue to be installed, and the mechanical and electrical works are ongoing. Framing of the ceiling continues in the lower concourse area. In the coming weeks, the station is expected to have permanent power.

Pimisi Station
Fascia and soffit will be installed on the eastern side of Pimisi Station. The crews are also installing steel on the lower concourse and continuing the wood ceiling framing. Other work focuses on the power conduits for the signband.

Elevator glass installation at Lyon Station 2018-01-15

Central Stations

Lyon Station 
This week, architectural work includes west entrance and concourse floor tiling, as well as, wall panel and stair glazing installations. Platform walkways are formed and poured, and mechanical and electrical work throughout the station is ongoing. Work on the elevators advances; final glass installation finishes this week.

Parliament Station 
Stairways progress, mechanical duct work is ongoing and plumbing advances. Ceiling rough-ins are installed this week and crews continue to work on architectural finishes such as painting.

Parliament Station west entrance
Roof slab waterproofing, backfilling and concrete stripping occurs this week. Crews prepare for next week’s continued work on the HVAC walls, which involve rebar and concrete pours.

Parliament Station east entrance 
Escalator assembly and conduit installation continues at the east entrance.

Construction advances at Parliament Station 2018-01-15

Rideau Station 
The headwall progresses with rebar installation for the upper half of the wall and formwork installation for the west entrance. At the concourse level, concrete stripping continues for the concourse slabs.

Rideau Station west entrance
Formwork bracing and rebar for the west entrance headwall continues this week. Removal of the tunnel arch formwork begins to wrap up.

Rideau Station east entrance
Mechanical and electrical work continues for the service rooms and HVAC installations are ongoing throughout the entire station. Architectural work progresses and includes tiling preparation, painting and grade level ceiling finishes.

East Portal
Construction activities include conduit installation and concrete backfilling. Soil backfilling will occur in the spring.

uOttawa Station
Composite Metal Panel framing on the concourse and platform levels is ongoing at the station. Wood ceiling framing is expected to begin towards the end of January. Crews will also be putting the rebar in for the stairs and entrance ramp, while the current electrical works include snow melt installation and the fire alarm system installation.

Construction activities are ongoing at Lees Station

East Stations

Lees Station
The suspended ceiling framing is being installed across the tracks and under the concourse. The crews recently poured footings for the MUP pedestrian access staircase. They will continue with reinforcing steel, forming and pouring for the staircase.

Hurdman Station
The current work includes porcelain panel installation below two of the stairways, as well as Composite Metal Panel framing. Crews are also focused on the electrical rough-ins, the communications equipment rough-ins, windscreen installation, and elevator installation.

Tremblay Station
Crews will be installing glass and shroud frames at the north elevator tower. Other work focuses on putting in steel and handrail posts at the stairs. Elevator work is ongoing.

Ongoing construction at St. Laurent Station

St-Laurent Station
Crews are working on installing the porcelain panels at platform level. The plenum panels are now complete. Mechanical, electrical and fireproofing are ongoing. The glazing for the mullions is now on site.

Cyrville Station
The current work focuses on ceiling framing, completion of the architectural envelope for the elevator, and installation of mullions.

Blair Station
Currently scheduled works include installation of the signband, and finishing the stainless steel elevator architectural panels. Testing and commissioning of mechanical and electrical equipment is ongoing.

Track installation at TunneyÔÇÖs Pasture Station 2018-01-11

Guideway and Trackwork

Crews are focused on completing tracks through Parliament Station, up to Rideau Station, and at the East Portal. In the West, activities include rail installation at Tunney’s Pasture. Train testing continues on the eastern stretch of the alignment.

Pouring the track slab between Parliament and Rideau Station

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Wood ceiling installations at the eastern stations.
  • Installation of signband and entrance lanterns at the eastern stations.
  • Installation of porcelain panels and glass panels at uOttawa Station
  • Fascia and soffit installation at Pimisi Station.
  • Parliament Station West TVS breakthrough.
  • Glazing work at Pimisi Station and Bayview Station.
  • Construction of the bus operator, maintenance and supervisor buildings at Tunney’s Pasture.
  • Falsework for the stair and escalator slabs at Parliament Station west entrance.