Construction Update

Work proceeds at the Rideau Station West Entrance with the rebar for the headwall inside the tunnel scheduled to be installed in the coming weeks. In the west, at Bayview Station, the current activities include preparations for glazing work as well as bringing permanent power to the station. At Tunney’s Pasture, crews will be painting columns and completing installation of ceiling panels.

Progress of construction at Pimisi Station

West Stations

Tunney’s Pasture Station 
Crews will be installing ceiling panels at the concourse level. Other scheduled works include painting the station columns, drywall work, and installation of tiles.

Bayview Station 
Current activities focus on installation of stairposts, electrical work and signband. Framing of the ceiling continues in the lower concourse area. The station will be getting permanent power soon.

Pimisi Station
Stairway posts and the mullions for the glass walls are being completed. Crews are also installing power conduits for the signband. Soffits will be installed on the upper west concourse and the north canopy.

Work on the duct bank walls continues in the intermediate shaft near Parliament Station

Central Stations

Lyon Station 
The remaining glass for the elevators is installed and tiling at the west entrance mid-landing has begun. Installation of fare gate posts, wall and ceiling panels and service room light fixtures is continuing. Crews will also work on forming and pouring the platform walkways.

Parliament Station 
This week inside the station, crews continue to work on the stairways. In addition, plumbing work advances and the first stage of mechanical and electrical rough-ins are ongoing. Elsewhere, shotcrete continues at the west transition.

Parliament Station west entrance
Work continues on the piston relief shaft walls (forming and pouring). Crews are also scheduled to work on the falsework and rebar needed for the roof slab.

Parliament Station east entrance 
Construction activities are wrapping up and the winter enclosure is in place. Inside the escalator assembly continues.  Underground utility works require the closure of the north sidewalk on queen at O’Connor.

Progress of construction at Rideau Station concourse

Rideau Station 
Concrete formwork stripping continues for the concourse slabs and concrete backfilling occurs for the conduit banks. At the headwall, rebar for the upper half of the wall is installed and so is formwork for the west entrance. At the transition, the final  layer of shotcrete concrete progresses.

Rideau Station west entrance
The formwork bracing for the west entrance headwall inside the tunnel is to be completed. The rebar installation is scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.

Rideau Station east entrance
Ongoing plumbing, sprinkler, HVAC and electrical work. In the east entrance adit, crews will continue to form and pour the adit concourse slab and TVS wall.

East Portal
Ongoing activities include waterproofing the arch and completing the duct bank walls.

uOttawa Station
Crews are expected to continue installing the mullions, the composite metal panel framing, and the platform final curbs, weather permitting. Other scheduled works include installation of the fire alarm system and the base for the artwork.

Ongoing construction at Blair Station

East Stations

Lees Station
Crews will work to complete the ceiling framing.

Hurdman Station
Weather permitting, crews will continue to install handrail posts and to complete installation of the elevators.

Elevator shroud installation at Cyrville Station

Tremblay Station
Current work focuses on framing for the wood ceiling at the upper concourse level and preparations for glazing.

St-Laurent Station
In the plenum area, insulated metal panels are being installed. Crews are also working on the fire proofing elements, sprinklers and pipe-fitting. Electrical rough-ins continue throughout the station.

Crews completed installation of the large axial fans at St.-Laurent Station

Cyrville Station
The current work focuses on ceiling framing, completion of the architectural envelope for the elevator, and installation of mullions.

Blair Station
Currently scheduled works include installation of the signband, and finishing the stainless steel elevator architectural panels. Testing and commissioning of mechanical and electrical equipment is ongoing.

Guideway and Trackwork

Crews are focused on completing tracks through Parliament Station, up to Rideau Station, and at the East Portal. In the West, activities include rail installation at Tunney’s Pasture. Train testing continues on the eastern stretch of the alignment.

Northwest elevator-stairway at Bayview Station

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Ceiling installation scheduled to start at eastern stations.
  • Installation of signage at eastern stations.
  • Installation of scaffolding at uOttawa Station (nighttime work).
  • Rideau Station headwall at west entrance to be completed.
  • Rideau Station mid-entrance connecting tunnel – forming and pouring to take place.
  • Parliament Station west entrance – completing work for piston relief shaft, elevator shaft and roof slab.
  • Lyon Station architectural concrete finishes, including painting and ceiling works.
  • Glazing work at Pimisi Station and Bayview Station.
  • Construction of the bus operator, maintenance and supervisor buildings at Tunney’s Pasture.