Construction Update

Construction advances throughout the 12.5-kilometre alignment. In the west, painting activities can be seen at both Bayview and Pimisi stations. At the central segment, crews work hard to complete final finishes and landscaping at Lyon Station for Kontinuum. Over in the east, Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) continue to be tested along the guideway from Blair Station to St. Laurent Station and structural steel installation begins to wrap up at Hurdman Station.

Foundation construction advancing at Tunney's Pasture Station 207-06-20 (app)

West Stations

Tunney’s Pasture Station 
Tunney’s Pasture Station: Construction for the foundation and platform walls is ongoing this week, along with installation of platform plumbing and electrical duct banks.Falsework for the concourse began last week and mechanical and electrical work continues at the platform level. Masonry installation will begin early next week.

Bayview Station 
Structural steel continues to be installed at the station. Progress can also be seen at the ancillary building with roofing, painting and the completion of masonry at the upper ancillary. Concourse slab pours are now complete, while stair forming and pouring still occurs.

Pimisi Station 
New construction activities will be occurring this week, including stair pours at the east side of the concourse and intumescent painting. Recurring work at the station includes the installation of structural steel, mechanical and electrical rough-ins, roof parapets and installing door frames.

Progress of construction at Lyon Station 2017-06-28

Central Stations

Lyon Station cavern
Crews are busy this week continuing preparation for Kontinuum with finishing door installations, installing temporary walls and testing and commissioning elevators. Crews will continue to work on sites outside of the event area.

Lyon Station west entrance
Landscaping around the perimeter of the station continues along with clean-up and barrier installation for the upcoming event. Elevators continue to be installed, escalators are assembled and work on the station’s roof advances.

Lyon Station east entrance 
Crews mobilize to start elevator glazing and continue to install electrical conduit. Work on the mezzanine mechanical walls progresses and rebar installation and waterproofing occurs at the TVS shaft

Parliament Station cavern 
This week, crews continue to be relocated to Lyon Station to complete final finishes and material clean-up for the event. Crews will remobilize and re-commence work at Parliament Station next week.

Parliament Station west entrance
Progress is visible with falsework and rebar occurring for the concourse suspended slab. Excavation work takes place as well and includes rock support and rock bolts. In addition, crews form and pour the HVAC trench walls this week.

Parliament Station east entrance 
Construction advances with the tunnel breakthrough and stripping, and forming and pouring the escalator walls. At the end of the week, rebar installation for the stairs will occur, followed by formwork and concrete pours.

Concrete works occurring at Rideau Station 2017-06-28

Rideau Station cavern
Continuing this week are concrete pours and platform slab work on the north and south side of the cavern. Crews began construction of the north side structural walls and continue to install rebar for the arch, HVAC shafts and adits.

Rideau Station west entrance
Construction is ongoing at the west entrance with crews stripping the invert slab bulkhead, installing rebar for the slab invert and pouring concrete later this week.
Rideau Station east entrance 
The station continues to take shape with rebar installation, forming and pouring the northhead house wall and the pour for the north grade level slab occurring this week. Adit excavation progresses with shotcrete and rock bolts as well.  

East Portal 
Ongoing work includes whaler removal and shotcrete for the trench slab along with rebar, forming and concrete pours for the trench walls.

uOttawa Station
As the new phase of structural steel begins, crews also make progress with mechanical duct work and sprinkler installation at the concourse level. Pouring of the grade platform slab takes place and the first of the elevator installations begins this week. Crews mobilize to begin preparation for the approach slabs in the coming weeks.

Progress of construction at Cyrville Station

East Stations

Lees Station
Steel work is ramping up with the installation of reinforcement steel for the service trench, ongoing ancillary roof steel and completion of the second phase of structural steel. Ancillary building roof deck and plumbing work continues as well. Upcoming works include ancillary roofing and the next phase of structural steel.

Hurdman Station
Structural steel installation begins to wrap up this week. Continuing activities are porcelain panel installations, ongoing framing and escalator and electrical work. Concrete pours for the suspended slabs on the north side of the station are upcoming.

Tremblay Station
Work is progressing at the station, as crews continue installing porcelain panels, soffits, windscreen posts and elevators. Mechanical and electrical rough-ins continue as well in parallel with equipment installation, and painting is to be completed in the coming weeks.

Stairway construction at Blair Station

St-Laurent Station
With precast concrete installation at the stairs complete, crews continue to advance work on signband conduit installation, platform level electrical work and concourse sprinkler installation. Porcelain panels are currently being installed at the west platform and work on the windscreen will start shortly.

Cyrville Station
Crews continue preparing for work on the platform topping and installing light fixtures for the station. The installation of precast concrete, porcelain panels and signband conduit is progressing as well.

Blair Station
Testing and commissioning of mechanical equipment continues this week. Also ongoing are glazing activities and final finishes on the platform, as well as painting and door and hardware installation. Light fixture installation progresses at select areas and stairway handrails and posts will be installed next week.

Dowel installation in the tunnel near Lyon Station

Guideway and Trackwork

The guideway continues to take shape along the alignment with the installation of crossover track at uOttawa and tamping at Rideau River Bridge to be completed shortly. In addition, trackwork activities occur from just east of uOttawa Station to Lees Station, with trackwork continuing in the tunnel as well. In addition, Overhead Catenary Systempoles continue to be installed just west of Bayview Station moving east to Pimisi Station.

Upcoming Construction Activities

In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur:

  • Hoe ramming as part of work on the western section of the guideway.
  • Ongoing overnight work at the Rideau Station west and east entrances, and at the East Portal.
  • Next stage of work at uOttawa Station requiring overnight lane restrictions.
  • Final work on the pedestrian tunnel at uOttawa Station.
  • Hydro connection work to Hurdman Station requiring lane restriction on Riverside Drive.
  • Manhole work as part of guideway activities at intersection of Riverside Drive and Tremblay Road, requiring lane restrictions.
  • Fencing installation on guideway just west of Tremblay Station.
  • Systems installation along the guideway, including Overhead Catenary System poles and wires.
  • Watermain work on guideway at St. Laurent requiring overnight short-term closure of on-ramp.
  • Skylight framing and glazing at Tremblay Station.
  • MUP paving between Mann Avenue and Lees Station.
  • Repairs to Booth Street southeast sidewalk causing daytime sidewalk closures.
  • Elevator delivery to Lees Station.